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    Learning English Broadcast

    Learning English Broadcast

    00:30 - 01:00

    Learning English Broadcast

    Lesson 24: Yesterday Was Amazing!
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    Let's Learn English - Level 1
    Let's Learn English Lesson 24: Yesterday Was Amazing
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    Anna discovers a festival - the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall. What does she learn there about Basque culture?


    Learn to pronounce the new words for this lesson. You also learn about the words people use in English when they cannot remember a word, or they do not know a word.

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    Use this video to learn about three ways to pronounce the past tense ending of regular verbs.

    Let's Learn English Lesson 24 Pronunciation Practice
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    Anna: Yesterday was the most amazing day. I want to tell my friend back home about it. So, I am writing her a letter!

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    June 18, 2018 at 10:52 am

    No surprise to me. Any device or service offered by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter is always a privacy suspect. It is what they do.

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    You could use a Guest Wifi network for IoT devices instead of 2 routers. Better still is to prevent guest devices from being able to see each other. Not sure which, if any, routers offer that as a feature. Netgear used to offer it. Found this,

    about a router that definitely can keep devices on the LAN from seeing each other

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    Netgear still utilizes guest networks on their latest routers, but I’m just so tired of their ‘Netgear Genie’ GUI for router configuration, but I guess it fits the needs I require for my small home network.

    June 18, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    Mis-understanding. I was referring to isolating guest users from each other. I found this discussion about how Netgear changed their software in this regard:

    “One complaint we’ll make about the guest network feature on the Nighthawk X6 that we also made about the original Nighthawk is that the guest network option for network isolation and local network access is the same toggle labeled “allow guests to see each other and access the local network.” Yet in older Netgear routers we’ve owned/tested the option was split into “allow guests to access my local network” and “enable wireless isolation.” There are numerous, and perfectly valid, reasons for wanting to enable one and not the other (e.g. your kids want to play network games with their friends on the guest network so network isolation must be disabled, but you don’t want them to access to your LAN) and there’s no good reason why the settings aren’t more granular on such a high-end router.”

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    The chromecast was designed to work primarily from the same network as the “controlling” device.

    It does have a guest mode for mobile devices not on the network where you use a direct wifi connection to control it, but not direct stream, and the mobile device has to have it’s own internet connection.

    Chromecast does not work with wifi port isolation or between a wifi guest segment and the main segment.

    Few risk factor intervention trials have included women. 191 However, extrapolation of trial results to women may be justified on the grounds that they share the major cardiovascular risk factors with men, and in the few trials which have included women, relative benefits on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality have been similar in both sexes. 192 The absolute risk of CHD is lower in women at all ages up to the very elderly when disease rates almost converge. Raye X House Of Harlow 1960 Phillipe Heel lEFMcXWXD
    Over the age of 55 women have more obesity, higher total cholesterol, and more diabetes than men, and over the age of 65 have more hypertension than men. 128 At younger ages, BP and LDL cholesterol are lower among women than men, and throughout life women smoke less and have higher HDL cholesterol levels. One further large difference between men and women is that levels of central obesity, as measured by waist:hip ratios, are very much smaller among women.

    While there is some observational evidence to suggest that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) administered to asymptomatic postmenopausal women reduces the risk of CHD, 193 there is as yet no evidence from randomised controlled trials. HRT is therefore not recommended routinely in postmenopausal asymptomatic women solely for the prevention of CHD, or for secondary prevention in women with CHD. It is best avoided when there is a family history of breast cancer.

    Premature amenorrhoea, whether caused by spontaneous or surgical menopause, or by polycystic ovary syndrome, is associated with increased risk of premature CHD. Current practice is to prescribe HRT for such women, although as yet there is no evidence from randomised controlled trials to support the observational data that use of unopposed conjugated oestrogens reduces risk of CHD in asymptomatic postmenopausal women. 194 195 Because of the increased risk of endometrial carcinoma associated with the use of HRT containing only oestrogen, HRT usually also contains a progestogen. The benefits of such HRT in preventing CHD events are less well established than for oestrogen only products. Careful evaluation of the cardiovascular risk profile of women with premature menopause is recommended in view of their increased risk of CHD.

    The absolute risk of an adverse cardiovascular event associated with the use of low dose combined oral contraceptives (OCs) among non-smoking women aged below 35 years is vanishingly small. 196-198 For example, the excess or attributable risk of a stroke—the most common serious adverse event—among such women using low dose OCs is approximately 1 per 250 000 women-years. 196 Sesto Meucci Galaxy Woven Comfort Mule Gray B6g2oo62
    Absolute risk of stroke and, to a lesser extent, acute MI associated with OC use are significantly increased among women who smoke or have hypertension, particularly if the user is in the older age range (more than 35 years). 197 198 The use of OCs containing higher doses of oestrogen (equivalent to more than 30 μg ethinyloestradiol) also further increases risk.

    Our clinical information is certified to meet NHS England's Information Standard. RENé CAOVILLA Leather sneakers 0llho

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